Unique Residuals

SYLVIS has experience in managing unique residuals.  Regardless of the type of residual, we apply the same processes in determining use options that are environmentally beneficial, socially responsible and that meet the needs of our clients. 

When a regulatory framework does not exist for a specific residual, SYLVIS’s experience in regulatory and best management guideline development facilitates the investigation and “proving out” of innovative management solutions.  This provides the basis for policy reform to enable the beneficial management of these residuals on an ongoing basis.

Unique residuals are those that require special consideration or that vary significantly between generators.  “Unique” residuals that have been managed by SYLVIS include:

  • food production residuals (e.g. abattoir waste, mushroom compost, whey);
  • aged wood waste;
  • dredge materials; and
  • lime-based residuals.

SYLVIS has the knowledge and technical expertise to identify the benefits and challenges to managing unique residuals and can develop environmentally beneficial and cost-effective management solutions. Please Contact Us to learn more.