SYLVIS is well known and respected for our biosolids management programs.  We are experts in all aspects of biosolids management.

Biosolids are the treated solids generated from municipal wastewater treatment.  Unlike raw sewage or septage, biosolids are stabilized. They are produced from wastewater that has undergone physical, chemical or biological treatment processes. 

Biosolids contain beneficial concentrations of many plant macro- and micronutrients, and are primarily composed of stable organic matter.  As such, biosolids can be beneficially utilized both as a fertilizer and as an amendment to improve soil physical properties and initiate soil development processes.

Biosolids have been managed beneficially for over forty years; SYLVIS has been managing biosolids since the late 1980s.  SYLVIS conducts turn-key biosolids management for many municipalities in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.  Our biosolids management clients range from small towns generating 300 dry tonnes of biosolids per year, to large cities that generate 30,000 dry tonnes per year.  SYLVIS has developed and implemented programs that beneficially utilize biosolids in several areas including agriculture, reclamation, forestry, biomass production, water resource protection and enhancement, and value-added product development.

If you are a biosolids generator or a landowner that is interested in the value of biosolids, please Contact Us to learn more about working with SYLVIS.