We work with our clients to facilitate the beneficial use of ash.

Ash is derived from the combustion of biomass to generate heat and power.  Biomass ash can be beneficially utilized as a liming substitute to increase the pH of acidic soils, as well as a source of plant nutrients.

While biomass ash does not contain significant amounts of nitrogen or phosphorus, the adjustment of soil pH can result in a synergistic fertilization effect greater than that of the ash itself.

Our clients are increasingly interested in new management options for ash, as more facilities look to combust renewable energy sources and minimize disposal of this resource.  To facilitate this, SYLVIS worked closely with the British Columbia (BC) Ministry of Environment in the development of the Code of Practice for Soil Amendments, which enables the beneficial use of biomass (wood) ash in BC.

Working with our ash-generating clients,  SYLVIS recommends and implements operational management programs that capitalize on the inherent benefits of the ash. 

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