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We are experts in residuals management.  Whether you are a residuals generator, a policy maker or a residuals customer, SYLVIS can work with you to turn challenges into opportunities.

We specialize in bringing people together and developing synergies between residuals management and environmental or land management challenges.  For example we work with residuals generators to beneficially use residuals to treat landfill leachate, reclaim sand and gravel pits, re-vegetate forestry cut blocks, close landfills, improve the quality of marginal land, and create value-added residuals based products.  Residuals are also used as fertilizers and soil amendments in agriculture, forestry and biomass plantations.

We encourage you to review selected project profiles for additional details on our projects and the depth and breadth of our knowledge and experience.  Learn more at Why Hire SYLVIS.

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City of Edmonton with Partners at EPCOR and the Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence

Biosolids generated from the Edmonton region’s two wastewater treatment plants have been historically lagoon stored and managed either...

N-Viro Systems Canada LP

N-Viro Systems LP (N-Viro) constructed a facility near Banff, Alberta to treat organic residuals, including biosolids, in an alkaline...

Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited

Each year, Lehigh Materials hosts a public open house which gives the community an opportunity to learn about mining and reclamation...