Wood Ash as a Lime Substitute

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Weyerhaeuser Edson

Weyerhaeuser’s Edson Oriented Strand Board (OSB) facility generates wood ash as a by-product of the OSB production process.  The facility generates approximately 1,800 bulk tonnes of wood ash annually, and beneficially manages it as an amendment in agriculture soils.  Wood ash has a high Acid Neutralizing Value (ANV) and is used as a lime substitute to adjust pH in acid soils.

Weyerhaeuser was seeking assistance to identify agricultural land suitable for receiving wood ash as a liming material, and for ongoing management of the wood ash to agricultural land. SYLVIS identified landowners, conducted field investigations, prescribed ash application rates, and provided professional oversight of the ash applications in accordance with the Wood Ash Guidelines.

To date, SYLVIS has sampled, characterized, and prescribed ash applications for over 1,000 hectares of agricultural land, and has managed the beneficial use of approximately 3,000 bulk tonnes of ash.

This project is an excellent example of beneficially utilizing residuals with agricultural value, providing a benefit to local agriculture, the generator, and diverting additional waste from landfill.