Weed Management at the Ecowaste Landfill

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Ecowaste Industries Limited

Ecowaste Industries is an industrial waste landfill located in Richmond, British Columbia. Portions of the landfill have interim vegetated cover prior to final closure activities.  Under the Weeds Control Act in BC, the Weed Control Regulation states that noxious weed species must be managed within the landfill.  Ecowaste contracted SYLVIS to manage noxious weeds covered under this act to take a proactive approach to this issue.

SYLVIS performed an assessment of noxious weeds present in the Agricultural Land Reserve in 2013, and the remainder of Ecowaste in 2017, and created an inventory and distance map to identify priority areas for management.  A vegetation management plan has been created to accompany the map identifying the best management practices for each noxious and invasive species.  SYLVIS manages these priority areas through various mechanical and chemical treatments determined by species-specific best management practices.

This project demonstrates the importance of taking a proactive approach to noxious and invasive species management to ensure a healthy ecosystem. SYLVIS utilizes its expertise as we control both the area in conjunction with leachate treatment area in harmony, providing maintenance to the area as a whole. SYLVIS has been able to reclaim previously weed infested areas to natural grass which additionally provide a visually appealing view to neighbours who adjoin the property.