Warburg Turn-Key Operational Biosolids Management

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City of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton (City) engaged SYLVIS to identify, evaluate, prioritize and implement novel biosolids applications to diversify and augment its current programs of liquid biosolids applications to agricultural land and composting with municipal solid waste and wood chips.  Successful biosolids land application projects in mine reclamation, marginal land improvement and biomass production have been implemented; with the findings of each demonstration presented to project stakeholders including Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD), EPCOR Water Services Inc (EPCOR), and project stakeholders.  Building on the success of these demonstration projects, SYLVIS worked with the City to further develop new biosolids management options in no-till and conventional applications to marginal land.

SYLVIS secured authorization from the Warburg Hutterite Colony to use 585 ha of their land for biosolids applications, under the direction of qualified professionals from SYLVIS.  Biosolids applications to Hutterite land were developed to maximize the operational aspect while still incorporating a component of research and stakeholder consultation.  SYLVIS secured authorization from Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) to implement the proposed biosolids projects.  SYLVIS implemented two turn-key operational projects beneficially using approximately 3,000 dry tonnes of biosolids on approximately 120 hectares of marginal agricultural land.  SYLVIS worked closely with the City, subcontractors and project stakeholders to ensure the environmentally sound and operationally efficient completion of the two Warburg biosolids application projects.

SYLVIS has demonstrated a commitment to assisting the City achieve its biosolids management objectives through a proactive approach in expanding the capacity and increasing the diversity of the City’s management options.  SYLVIS implemented successful turn-key operational projects to the satisfaction of the landowner, the City and project stakeholders while ensuring environmental protection.  In securing a long-term project partner for the City, SYLVIS has demonstrated our commitment to the ongoing and successful development of biosolids management options for the City.