Town of Gibsons Turn-Key Biosolids Management

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Town of Gibsons

The Town of Gibsons operates the Gibsons Wastewater Treatment Plant which produces approximately 500 wet tonnes of Class B dewatered biosolids per annum. 

SYLVIS initially began working with the Town of Gibsons in 2001 to assess biosolids management options and to provide a better understanding of readily achievable management options available to the Town of Gibsons.  This assessment recommended that Town of Gibsons' biosolids be beneficially used in the Lehigh Materials Sechelt, BC mine, as an organic amendment in the mine’s reclamation program.

Biosolids application and storage at Lehigh occurs under permit PR-15188 issued by the Ministry of Environment.  This award-winning program has been ongoing for over ten years and is one of the most comprehensive mine reclamation programs in British Columbia.  Gibsons' biosolids are applied to mine soils lacking plant essential nutrients and organic matter required to sustain plant growth and improve soil properties.  SYLVIS manages all aspects of the biosolids management and application.

Throughout the year Gibsons' biosolids are sampled and analyzed for nutrient, physiochemical parameters, trace elements and microbiological parameters. Based on the analytical results, Gibsons' biosolids meet Class B requirements for trace elements and fecal coliform concentrations as specified in the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR) and the permit. 

The Lehigh Sechelt Mine reclamation program is one of the longest standing biosolids mine reclamation programs in BC and has been recognized with five awards including the prestigious Jake McDonald Reclamation Award from the Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation for outstanding achievement in reclamation and is an excellent biosolids management option for the Town of Gibsons.