District of Sechelt Turn-Key Biosolids Management

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District of Sechelt

SYLVIS has partnered with the District of Sechelt (DoS) to manage their biosolids for more than a decade.  SYLVIS manages all aspects of the project including land application development, qualified professional oversight, public consultation operations, stockpiling, application, incorporation and seeding.

SYLVIS worked with the DoS to assess the feasibility of using liquid biosolids in the Lehigh Materials mine reclamation program.  The feasibility assessment was positive, and based on this assessment SYLVIS initiated a large scale mine reclamation program at the Lehigh Materials mine site.

Liquid biosolids (5% solids) from the lagoon at the DoS's Dusty Road Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) are applied to Lehigh Materials’ Sechelt Mine.  The DoS WWTP is located immediately adjacent to the mine site which eliminates the need for transportation.  A liquid tanker truck is used to transport and apply the biosolids to the mine as a fertilizer and soil amendment.  Seven composite samples of soil, each comprised of eight equal volume sub-samples, are collected each year for analysis of chemical and physical parameters.  Prior to application the biosolids are also analyzed for physical parameters, nutrients and trace elements.  Concurrently, seven discrete samples are collected and analyzed for fecal coliform.  DoS biosolids meet Class B requirements for trace element and fecal coliform concentrations as specified in the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR).  

DoS biosolids are applied to various reclamation areas within the mine site.  DoS biosolids are used establish and fertilize vegetation and improve slope stabilization. 

The Lehigh Sechelt Mine reclamation program is one of the longest standing biosolids mine reclamation programs in BC and has been recognized with five awards including the prestigious Jake McDonald Reclamation Award from the Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation for outstanding achievement in reclamation and is an excellent biosolids management option for the DoS.