SYLVIS Custom Soil Fabrication

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YVR and Sea to Sky Highway

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is committed to sustainability. As Canada’s second busiest airport, YVR welcomes thousands of tourists and visitors to Vancouver and is the first representation of the City for travelers. In preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics, significant landscaping was completed along the roadways and transit stations leading to YVR.

Existing soils were of low fertility, were poorly drained and subject to periodic flooding. Extensive landscaping on slopes, low lying areas and roadway corridors coupled with a diverse species composition of trees, shrubs, grasses and annuals required a custom blended soil.

Soil scientists from SYLVIS developed a soil product incorporating organic residuals for use at YVR. The fabricated soil has a long-term, slow release nutrient formulation of optimum plant macro and micro nutrients and a specific formulation to balance water holding capacity with soil aeration and drainage.

The soil was fabricated by SYLVIS in Richmond, British Columbia (BC) from local feedstock materials including Metro Vancouver biosolids. This sustainable soil continues to demonstrate reliable results in both functionality and aesthetics. Together, SYLVIS and the Vancouver Airport Authority not only beautified the areas surrounding YVR but also provided a beneficial use for locally generated residuals.

The Sea-to-Sky Highway winds its way along Howe Sound from Vancouver to Whistler. The Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project was completed for the 2010 Winter Olympics and the landscaping portion of the project was undertaken to improve the visual quality of the corridor with thousands of plants in medians, highway slopes and road edges. SYLVIS developed a custom soil blend to ensure optimum plant growth, performance and sustainability.  The soil was designed to resist slumping and to adhere to steep slopes - ideal for the steep and undulating terrain along the highway.

Upon soil placement, the establishment of seeded grasses and planted trees and shrubs was rapid and vigorous. By sustaining vegetation growth with little to no maintenance, SYLVIS is the soil fabricator of choice for large landscape projects in BC.