Surrey Bend Regional Park Soil Fabrication

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Metro Vancouver

Metro Vancouver consulted with SYLVIS to have a biosolids growing medium (BGM) fabricated and used in the redevelopment of Surrey Bend Regional Park. SYLVIS met with Metro Vancouver to review the park design, landscape features and functionality, site characteristics, and BGM requirements.

SYLVIS sourced local feedstocks to combine with Class A biosolids provided by Metro Vancouver in order to fabricate two unique soil blends to be used in different areas of the park. The soil blends were designed to be weed-free and contain optimum nutrient concentrations in a slow release organic formulation that would optimize plant establishment and growth for up to four years without supplemental fertilization. SYLVIS completed the soil fabrication and each batch generated was certified for both quality control and quality assurance.

SYLVIS fabricated a final BGM volume of 5,800 m3 of two soil blends for the redevelopment of Surrey Bend Regional Park. These fabricated soil blends included a Lawn & Meadow mix and a Bioswale & Wetland mix.