Soil and Overburden Resource Protection Plan

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Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited

SYLVIS has worked with Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited (Lehigh Materials) since 1998, using organic residuals including biosolids and pulp sludge to enhance vegetation and wildlife habitat on reclaimed areas of Lehigh Material’s Sechelt Mine. As part of the mining process, overburn is removed and stockpiled in order to access the mined material. This overburden material is then utilized to restore the elevation of decommissioned pits during reclamation.

The Lehigh Materials Sechelt Mine stores topsoil and overburden materials at various locations on the mine site. In addition to topsoil and overburden, soil amendments mixed from organic residuals are stockpiled around site for ongoing reclamation purposes. These valuable resources can be vulnerable to erosion and degradation if not effectively managed and maintained.

With an understanding of the mine’s long-term reclamation objectives, SYLVIS conducted field assessments at the Sechelt Mine to understand and document the status and condition of all overburden and soil stockpiles. Following the assessment stage, SYLVIS created a Resource Protection Plan, outlining best management practices for the protection of these resources and making specific recommendations for each area, including the consolidation, stabilization, and seeding of stockpiles to prevent erosion and contamination of soils. The Resource Protection Plan also incorporated a stockpile inspection checklist to be used for regular monitoring of all current and future stockpiles.

The Resource Protection Plan created by SYLVIS supports and enables the Sechelt Mine’s long-running and award winning reclamation program by providing a clear and sustainable path forward for the ongoing protection of stockpiled resources.