Skway Nation Wetland Design

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Tervita (formerly HAZCO) operates the Skway Nation landfill in Chilliwack, BC.  The landfill generates leachate which needs to be treated before it can be discharged to the environment.  As professional and technical experts in leachate management and treatment, SYLVIS researched and recommended an innovative leachate treatment wetland design and specifications to assist Tervita in the development of a leachate treatment wetland.

Nutrient concentrations in the leachate are high when the leachate is generated and therefore need to be reduced before the leachate may be discharged to the environment to meet regulatory criteria.  Traditional engineered solutions can be costly, therefore SYLVIS identified an innovative solution for leachate treatment for the Skway Nation landfill.

SYLVIS conceived a leachate treatment wetland and a custom fabricated soil as a sustainable solution for leachate treatment.  SYLVIS designed the wetland structure to enable slow flows which travel over shallow vegetated portions of the wetland to accommodate the leachate generated based on estimated flows. 

SYLVIS also custom designed the soil blend using residuals (biosolids, wood waste and sand) to support aquatic vegetation and to treat landfill leachate.  The use of residuals in the soil reduced costs and enhanced sustainability.  The soil provides a fertile growing medium for the wetland plants as well as habitat for the microorganisms responsible for facilitating nutrient cycling and leachate treatment.  

SYLVIS’s operations team fabricated the soil on site using the SYLVIS soil mixer.  SYLVIS sourced the feedstocks for the custom soil, blended the soil, managed the soil placement in the wetland and planted the vegetation following soil placement.

The wetland was successfully installed and the vegetation established, providing an effective leachate treatment system for the Skway Nation landfill.  This sustainable approach to landfill leachate treatment offers a simple, proven, low-cost technology for landfill operations.  SYLVIS provides innovative, sustainable and effective solutions for leachate treatment through the beneficial use of residuals.