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City of Prince George

The City of Prince George contracted SYLVIS to complete an assessment of short-term biosolids management opportunities. The assessment resulted in several opportunities in the forestry, agriculture and biomass sectors. Following the achievement of these programs, SYLVIS developed a long-term biosolids management plan, which provides the City with security, flexibility and contingency. Regulatory compliance is a key aspect of a successful biosolids management strategy and SYLVIS has the expertise to author Land Application Plans (LAPs) for all of the management options proposed.

LAPs are required for Class B biosolids application under the British Columbia Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR). A SYLVIS qualified professional prepares the LAP following best management practices, ensuring proper utilization and beneficial use of the City’s biosolids. SYLVIS has developed LAPs for several biosolids management opportunities within the Prince George area, including: fertilization of hay fields and mixed forests, reclamation of access roads and aggregate pits as well as the fertilization of a bioenergy plantation.

Through open houses, consultation with regulatory and landowner organizations and local knowledge SYLVIS has developed a group of potential land owners who are interested in biosolids application as a means of land improvement.  This is an ongoing process which SYLVIS actively pursues in order to provide several options to the City of Prince George biosolids management program.

Another aspect of the management of biosolids land application is public consultation.  SYLVIS engages local landowners and other potential stakeholders who may be interested in and/or have questions about the land application program prior to the initiation of the project.  This proactive approach facilitates transparency within the program, providing information and education to interested parties.