Shelley Lagoons

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City of Prince George

The City of Prince George contracted SYLVIS to complete an assessment biosolids management opportunities. The assessment resulted in several opportunities including land application at Shelley Lagoons, a permitted area historically used for effluent irrigation and the site of the City’s septage management lagoons.

Heavy clay soils present on site limit the productivity of the vegetation through a lack of incorporated organic matter and poor aeration. Biosolids applications to the site improve soil water holding capacity and add nutrients and organic matter to the clay soil, facilitating the establishment of vegetation and increasing the long-term productivity of the site. In the scenario where the site receives irrigation of treated effluent from the Shelley Lagoons in the future, the improved soil structure will assist in the treatment of land applied effluent, through increased moisture retention and microbial activity.

The biosolids application program, developed by SYLVIS, focused on the establishment of a coppice willow plantation trial and the fertilization of forage crops. A second application occurred the following year.

SYLVIS provides the City of Prince George with turn-key biosolids management, which is highlighted by this project.  Turn-key biosolids management includes ensuring regulatory compliance, land application plan development and completing all operational aspects of the project with SYLVIS equipment and staff.