Residuals Awareness and Education

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Universities, Community Groups

Education and awareness are vital to effective residuals management. SYLVIS supports sustainable, environmentally responsible residuals management by raising awareness of residuals production, management and beneficial use.  Through educational opportunities provided by SYLVIS, children, students and community groups learn how residuals are generated and their role in residuals production. They also learn to appreciate residuals not as wastes but as resources.

SYLVIS has developed problem-based learning case studies, delivered lectures and student presentations at the University of British Columbia, Thompson Rivers University, University of Washington, University of Alberta, University of Melbourne and several universities in China.  These presentations and lectures provide knowledge on the benefits of residuals use in soil formation and raise awareness amongst future leaders as to the volumes of residuals generated and the knowledge required to enable opportunities for use.

SYLVIS works with community groups to support their educational endeavors.  SYLVIS staff developed a program which introduced Scout troops to residuals use in landfill closure and forest fertilization allowing them to obtain their Naturalist Badge. SYLVIS’s female professional staff created a program to introduce elementary school-aged girls to careers in science, with a particular focus in residuals management.

In addition to educational opportunities, SYLVIS contributes financially towards the endeavors of students and community groups.  With the full support of our clients, students and community groups are invited to join SYLVIS staff on project sites.  This is an excellent opportunity for hands on learning and experience in residuals management.  Students and groups which attend the operational sites and assist with residuals management are not only provided with an excellent learning experience but also are financially rewarded with SYLVIS contributing towards environmental initiatives of their school or community group.

One of SYLVIS’s core values is to “educate and increase awareness within our community.”  SYLVIS staff accomplish this by donating their time, expertise and experience to a variety of educational initiatives to increase awareness of residuals management that promotes sustainability and environmental protection.