Regional District of Nanaimo Biosolids Management Options Identification

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Regional District of Nanaimo

Diversification of management options lends strength and flexibility to a biosolids management program. SYLVIS has conducted numerous investigations, reviews, identifications, and assessments of potential biosolids management options for individual clients based on their specific situations, values, and needs.

As part of the diversification of the Regional District of Nanaimo’s (RDN’s) biosolids management program, SYLVIS investigated potential management options for the beneficial use of biosolids in the vicinity of Nanaimo. The isolated nature of Vancouver Island communities presented unique challenges and limited the variety and number of management options typically available on the BC Mainland. SYLVIS investigated options that included forest fertilization, gravel pit and mine reclamation, and composting/soil fabrication for the RDN. A viable contingency option was identified in biosolids soil fabrication at the Nanaimo Forest Products Harmac Mill for use in landfill closure activities. The options assessment also identified alternative management options for the RDN which could be leveraged at a future point in time.

SYLVIS’s extensive expertise in biosolids management led to the identification of multiple options for the RDN that diversified their portfolio and mitigated the risk associated with managing all their biosolids in a single program.