Qualified Professional Services in Biosolids Mine Reclamation at Mount Polley Mine

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Metro Vancouver

Mount Polley Mining Corporation (Mount Polley) is an active metal mine located near Likely, British Columbia.  Metro Vancouver biosolids are used in reclamation under the onsite Permit.  Metro Vancouver retained SYLVIS to provide qualified professional expertise and recommendations on the biosolids mine reclamation program at the Mount Polley Mine. 

The goals of biosolids reclamation activities at Mount Polley Mine were to enable progressive, ongoing reclamation by promoting soil development, supporting vegetation growth, improving aesthetics, perpetuating and enhancing biodiversity and improving wildlife habitat.  SYLVIS completed an initial assessment of the mine and identified areas for reclamation where mining was complete.  SYLVIS also sampled and analyzed soil quality from each reclamation areas, assessed feedstock availability and quality, provided soil mix ratios with overburden, determined biosolids application rates, created a records-keeping and records-management system, assessed mixing and application logistics and provided recommendations on operations.

Biosolids applications at Mount Polley Mine have been completed in accordance with the recommendations provided by SYLVIS.  SYLVIS continues to work with Metro Vancouver and Mount Polley to implement the biosolids mine reclamation program and ensure it is completed in compliance with the Permit and site specific requirements.The SYLVIS approach enabled a successful biosolids mine reclamation program resulting from collaboration between SYLVIS, Metro Vancouver and Mount Polley.