Preparation of Consultation Documents

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Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) Biosolids Task Group developed a Canada-wide approach for biosolids management.  Recognizing the importance of consultation to ensuring the approach was relevant and applicable Canada-wide, CCME retained the services of SYLVIS and Decision Partners to prepare consultation materials.

Working together, SYLVIS and Decision Partners reviewed reports, background materials and work previously completed by CCME and prepared a consultation package for use by CCME specifically developed to their standards for Canada-wide consultation activities. 

The consultation package was designed to promote successful interactions which could be presented in various media, replicated for use across Canada and facilitated by individuals with varying levels of experience in facilitation of consultation activities.  Included was a consultation tool-kit, a context document describing the consultation materials, the issues and the rationale behind public consultation; a copy of the draft Policy on Beneficial Use of Municipal Wastewater Biosolids prepared by CCME; a summary of results and issues surrounding work completed by CCME on emerging substances of concern; an inventory of Canadian biosolids regulations and management practices; a discussion of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with various biosolids beneficial use scenarios and a list of key questions which CCME could use to engage stakeholders and encourage input.

In addition to the tool-kit and background information, SYLVIS and Decision Partners recommended and prepared a list of key stakeholders for consultation; provided CCME with a PowerPoint presentation, and prepared a questionnaire to capture consultation responses in a manner that would facilitate review, consideration and addressing of stakeholder comments.

The work completed by SYLVIS and Decision Partners not only assisted CCME facilitators by providing a tool-kit on how to conduct effective stakeholder consultation activities but also gave facilitators the tools and background information necessary to present relevant information and encourage input into the Canada-Wide Approach for Biosolids.