Poplar Woodlot Leachate Treatment

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Ecowaste Industries Limited

The Ecowaste Landfill located in Richmond, British Columbia accepts non-putrescible waste, primarily from construction and demolition activities.  SYLVIS partnered with Ecowaste Industries Limited to develop an innovative leachate management system.

Building on synergies with final land use and recycling objectives, a woodlot program incorporating soil fabrication and establishment of a soil-plant system was designed for the irrigation and land treatment of the landfill leachate.  The first phase of the woodlot program involved the characterization of the leachate and assessment of different soil formulations, soil placement depths and poplar tree clones that could be used for leachate treatment.

A comprehensive monitoring program was developed to assess the leachate quality, evaluate the level of treatment as the leachate passes through the soil-plant system and monitor the impacts to the soil and vegetation.

Soil samples were collected prior to commencing leachate irrigation to confirm regulatory compliance and establish baseline data; ongoing soil sampling is completed at various depths throughout the soil profile.  Ongoing water quality monitoring is conducted on the partially treated and treated leachate to both evaluate the system function and ensure treated leachate quality complies with Ecowaste’s operational requirements.

Following the success of the initial poplar woodlot treatment area, SYLVIS continued to evolve and enhance the soil-plant leachate treatment program, designing and establishing three more soil-plant treatment areas.  Through ongoing monitoring of the leachate, soil and vegetation, SYLVIS is ensuring that the project objectives for leachate treatment are met in a manner that is sustainable and protective to the environment.