Patterson Road

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City of Prince George

The Patterson Road Woodlot is a privately owned juvenile forest located 20 km from the City of Prince George. This mixed-species juvenile stand was planted on marginal pasture land several years ago. SYLVIS identified the site as being in the optimal stage of growth to benefit from biosolids application. Following subsequent site assessment with the landowner, 22 hectares of land were fertilized with biosolids.

The management goals of the landowner were to enhance tree growth rates and to increase biomass production. In addition, biosolids applications to the site will improve soil water holding capacity and increase nutrient and organic matter concentration within the heavy clays naturally present in the region. The gradual development of an overlying humus layer will improve the long-term productivity of the land and associated forest. This single biosolids application will significantly improve tree growth rates for up to eight years.

To initiate the project, SYLVIS conducted a review of all biosolids background reports and data, liaised with the land owners, completed significant public consultation activities and performed background research related to the characteristics of the site and surrounding areas.

SYLVIS collected and analyzed Prince George biosolids and soil from the application site to ensure adherence to all applicable regulations. With this information SYLVIS developed a Land Application Plan (LAP) as specified by the British Columbia Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR). All operational aspects of the project were coordinated and performed by SYLVIS equipment and staff in conjunction with the landowners of the Patterson Road site.

Post application monitoring of soil on site and water from streams in proximity to the site was undertaken one year after applications. Juvenile trees on site and grass responded positively to biosolids application. SYLVIS looks forward to observing the benefits of this biosolids fertilization program in the years to come.