Organics Processing Facility Siting

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Municipality of Jasper

The Municipality of Jasper is committed to increasing waste diversion from their landfill.  To achieve this goal the municipality was interested in assessing the technical, environmental and economic considerations associated with development of a new organics processing facility intended to manage biosolids and other organic materials such as food, yard and garden waste.

SYLVIS worked with Conestoga-Rovers & Associates to assess and recommend an appropriate composting site and to evaluate composting technologies.  In recommending a location for the composting facility SYLVIS completed an evaluation of two sites which had been identified by the Municipality.  The sites were assessed relative to one another with respect to physical, technical, social, environmental and regulatory criteria. 

SYLVIS visited and assessed both of the proposed sites in Jasper, met with interested stakeholders, reviewed the current organics collection and processing systems, observed the surrounding land use, and reviewed relevant background information, literature and site-specific operating requirements.  Of specific consideration was the location of the sites within a National Park.   

SYLVIS worked with the Municipality to select the criteria against which the two sites would be evaluated and to determine the relative importance of the evaluation criteria.  By working closely with the Municipality in the evaluation process, SYLVIS promoted internal buy-in and support of the recommendations and facilitated authorization and implementation of the selected site by ensuring that key factors had been considered.

Through completion of this project, SYLVIS provided the foundation for the Municipality of Jasper to move forward in development of a new organics processing facility, thus promoting sustainability and increased waste diversion from the landfill.