Organic Residuals and Landfill Closure

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Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Limited

Pulp and paper mill processes generate several residuals, including primary and secondary  sludge, ash and lime mud, depending on the pulping process. The sludge is typically disposed of in the power boiler, and the resulting ash disposed of in a landfill.  Howe Sound Pulp and Paper expressed an interest in developing an opportunity to beneficially use the residuals in a landfill closure. 

SYLVIS worked with the British Columbia Ministry of Environment and local contractors to develop a landfill closure growing media composed of ash, combined primary and secondary sludge, dry land sort debris and sand. SYLVIS then participated in the progressive closure of the ash landfill cells and the associated overburden dumps.

SYLVIS obtained the necessary regulatory authorizations and prescribed the mix ratios of wood waste, secondary pulp mill sludge and fly ash to produce a fertile growing media cap for use in the closure of two of Howe Sound Pulp and Paper’s landfills.

SYLVIS managed the mixing and application of these materials concurrent with an environmental monitoring program. As an integral part of a landfill closure system this fabricated soil has prevented erosion, improved visual quality, reduced infiltration and created wildlife habitat around the mill site while surpassing regulatory requirements for closure activities.