Operational Biosolids Applications Land Procurement

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City of Edmonton

As a result of the positive outcomes of demonstration projected conducted by SYLVIS using City of Edmonton biosolids, regional interest in using biosolids has increased. Concurrent with the completion of the demonstration projects, SYLVIS identified a number of other biosolids management options for Edmonton that diversify and reduce the uncertainty in end uses for Edmonton biosolids.

Understanding the benefits of the opportunities identified, the City of Edmonton retained SYLVIS to procure three options for operational biosolids management. As the options fall outside the purview of the current Alberta biosolids guidelines, SYLVIS developed site-specific proposals to complete biosolids applications. The procurement involved extensive consultation with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) to ensure the programs were designed to meet regulator expectations. Proposals were submitted to ESRD and Letters of No Objection (LONO) were recieved to conduct operational biosolids programs in mine reclamation, biomass production and marginal land conversion.

Through our experiences, SYLVIS has a proven process for procuring biosolids management projects that fall outside the purview of the current Alberta biosolids guidelines. Our work and diligent consultation with ESRD has streamlined the LONO process as ESRD has expressed support for SYLVIS-procured projects using Edmonton biosolids having a greater emphasis on operational biosolids management and less on research and monitoring. Through this procurement process, SYLVIS continues to develop large-scale biosolids options for the City of Edmonton. The scale of these programs is commensurate with the City’s biosolids management challenges and will ensure long-term diversity and contingency for their biosolids management program.