MetroGrow Soil Development and Certification

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Landscape Professionals

In contrast to many traditional soil products which incorporate the use of feedstock which must be mined, MetroGrow capitalizes on the beneficial properties of residuals.   MetroGrow soil is a sustainable growing media formulated from Class A biosolids, wood and sand which is designed to meet horticultural and landscaping standards.  Specifically created for use in coastal British Columbia, MetroGrow has the water holding capacity required for summer as well as the porosity and aeration needed for excellent winter drainage. 

SYLVIS scientists and operational professionals spent over ten years refining the MetroGrow formulations.  SYLVIS developed custom blending technology and equipment and ensures only top quality feedstocks are used in MetroGrow fabrication.

SYLVIS scientists sampled and analyzed MetroGrow as it was produced to ensure that high landscaping and regulatory standards were met.  Every batch of MetroGrow was certified by a qualified professional, providing both quality control and quality assurance.  

MetroGrow was designed to be weed-free and contain optimum nutrient concentrations in a slow release organic formulation that optimized plant establishment and growth for up to four years without supplemental fertilization.  The phosphorus in MetroGrow ensures rapid root establishment and enhances flowering plants.  No additional fertilization or liming is required at time of planting.

MetroGrow was designed to be free-draining, providing optimum aeration while maintaining a high water holding capacity as compared to similar soils.  As a result of the quality feedstocks and blending process MetroGrow has low compaction characteristics and resists erosion - making it an ideal soil for large tree and shrub plantings, sloped terrain establishment, commercial and residential landscaping and establishment of low maintenance grasses.

MetroGrow is a versatile, sustainably made soil product which capitalizes on the inherent benefits of residuals in providing nutrients and organic matter for fertilization and soil amendment in a range of different applications.