Metro Vancouver Turn-Key Biosolids Management

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Metro Vancouver

For over a decade, SYLVIS has worked with Metro Vancouver to implement turn-key biosolids management at a variety of sites across British Columbia. The SYLVIS turn-key projects are designed to provide diversity and contingency to the Mero Vancouver program, with a strong focus on local and provincial beneficial use. Over the years, multiple projects have been initiated for Metro Vancouver, creating an effective and resilient biosolids management program whereby all regulatory compliance requirements and documentation, stakeholder consultation, project management and operational aspects are provided by SYLVIS. We have developed adaptable beneficial use projects for Metro Vancouver that involves management opportunities such as land fertilization, reclamation and soil mixing.

Biosolids are applied in forest stands using a side discharge spreader such as the HERA (High Efficiency Residuals Applicator), increasing tree growth for five to eight years following a single biosolids application. Similarly, biosolids are used to restore and fertilize grasslands at ranches in British Columbia’s Interior, in arid regions where conventional fertilization efforts have historically failed - biosolids have a long-term fertilizing effect due in part to the slow release of their nutrients. SYLVIS further capitalizes on this long-term nutrient addition through the use of biosolids at mines and aggregate pits that require reclamation. In addition to nutrients, biosolids provide a large amount of organic matter which will kick start soil formation and vegetation establishment at these depleted sites. SYLVIS is managing other innovative projects that require Metro Vancouver biosolids for the production of biosolids growing medium (BGM), for final use as landfill cover or in parkland restoration.

SYLVIS implements all aspects related to Metro Vancouver’s biosolids projects and their beneficial use. These projects cover a wide range of use in different locations across British Columbia, allowing for contingency in timing and volume. SYLVIS looks forward to continuing to provide the Metro Vancouver with additional high quality cost-effective turn-key biosolids management projects in the coming years.