Metro Vancouver Biosolids Bulletins

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Metro Vancouver

In 2000, SYLVIS produced a series of biosolids information bulletins for Metro Vancouver on “Pathogen Reduction” and “Trace Elements” in biosolids. Seventeen years on, Metro Vancouver was interested in updating these bulletins with current research and references to keep staff informed of the most recent developments in biosolids science.

SYLVIS was engaged to produce updates of two previous bulletins as well as three new bulletins on the topics of “Emerging Substances of Concern”, “Background of the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation”, and “Biosolids Benefits”. Comprehensive and high-value bulletins were produced and reviewed by SYLVIS and reviewed by Metro Vancouver to ensure the highest standard of quality.

As the premier residuals management firm in British Columbia, SYLVIS remains abreast of current developments in the science surrounding the use of biosolids.  We are proud of our ability to communicate these concepts clearly to clients, stakeholders, and the public.