Lime Residuals as an Agricultural Soil Amendment

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Agrium Fort Saskatchewan Nitrogen Operations

Agrium is a global leader in the production of fertilizers, soil nutritional supplements, and soil amendments. The Agrium Fort Saskatchewan Nitrogen Operations (Agrium FNO) Facility produces ammonia and urea fertilizer products. As part of their water treatment process, Agrium FNO uses lime to remove a portion of suspended solids and dissolved ions from river water prior to its use.  The treatment results in high-purity process water and lime-based residuals.

Agrium FNO had historically landfilled the lime residual at a high cost.  SYLVIS identified that these residuals could be beneficially utilized as a pH amendment on local agricultural land requiring pH adjustment.

SYLVIS reviewed comprehensive analytical data for the lime residual and application soils to ensure compliance. Ensuring success in obtaining authorization for agricultural land application, SYLVIS worked with Alberta Environment and Parks to understand their specific requirements for the development of the regulatory application.  SYLVIS procured local agricultural sites for receipt of the lime residual.  Each agricultural site’s soil was sampled and analyzed in order to determine the lime requirement and application rate for each site to achieve a pH between 6.0 and 6.5.

SYLVIS was able provide Agrium FNO with a cost-effective beneficial use option for agricultural land, which has resulted in a program with significantly reduced costs from the previous landfill option.