Landfill Closure Plans

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Abitibi Consolidated Company of Canada

Abitibi-Consolidated Mackenzie Paper Division operated a pulp and paper mill in Mackenzie, British Columbia.  As part of their operations they also maintained several landfills for mill residuals. SYLVIS, in cooperation with Sperling Hansen Associates, prepared detailed closure plans for these landfills.  

Of particular interest was the closure system for a small ash landfill.  Compacted pulp mill sludge has been used as a barrier layer for similar landfills in the United States, and SYLVIS proposed its use on this small landfill to explore this option on an operational scale. Concurrent with this closure activity was a research project designed to assess barrier layer performance.

Through the development and initiation of this project SYLVIS obtained the regulatory approvals, completed quality assurance and quality control activities, and prepared reports as required.  

Pulp mill sludge was applied in lifts, compacted, and covered with a growing media fabricated by SYLVIS. This growing media contained ash, pulp sludge, waste woodchips and sand.

This innovative closure project demonstrated how the same industrial residuals that are placed in landfills can be used in an environmentally beneficial manner to close landfills and re-establish vegetation.