Land Application Plan for Biosolids Use

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Capital Regional District

The Capital Regional District (CRD) operates the Hartland landfill located northwest of Victoria within the Municipality of Saanich, British Columbia. Progressive closure activities have used biosolids and biosolids compost intermittently to reclaim the landfill cap and ensure revegetation.

To facilitate the use of these residuals as part of landfill closure operations in compliance with the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR), SYLVIS completed a review of the use of organic residuals on the landfill and prepared a Land Application Plan (LAP).

The LAP included soil and amendment characteristics (fertility, trace element concentration, physical properties), an assessment of vegetation establishment, and water resources and water monitoring data.

SYLVIS determined amendment rates and application details, special management considerations and environmental monitoring requirements for the use of lime, stabilized biosolids and biosolids compost.

Completed and endorsed by a SYLVIS qualified professional, the LAP provided the CRD with recommendations as to the optimum use of these residuals in closure operations within the necessary regulatory requirements.

Our understanding of the regulatory framework for residuals use in BC, coupled with extensive management experience in operational stockpiling, application, vegetation establishment and reporting resulted in a LAP that serves as the model for use in other landfill closure operations.