Lakeland Mills Assessment and LAP

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Lakeland Mills

In Prince George, BC, Lakeland Mills recently refurbished its logyard as a component of a larger overall rebuild of their site.  The rebuild required the management of approximately 25,000 cubic meters of logyard residuals, mainly in the forms of soil, bark, and woody debris, of unknown quality. The residuals occupied significant areas on site and were not considered appropriate for logyard resurfacing. These residuals and excess soils were identified by SYLVIS as a beneficial soil amendment for quarry reclamation the rebuild process. SYLVIS was chosen for its local knowledge and experience in the management of a vast array of residuals. SYLVIS undertook compliance inspections and authored regulatory documents required to allow the beneficial use of the Lakeland Mill residuals in reclamation at local aggregate quarries.

A Qualified Professional from SYLVIS first assessed logyard residuals and excess soils quality at the removal site as a best management practice. The soils and residuals were inspected and analyzed for trace elements and possible soil contaminants in order to ensure compliance with quality requirements within the Code of Practice for Soil Amendments and the Contaminated Site Regulation. Sampling results confirmed that the logyard residuals were of suitable quality to be included in the reclamation plan for two local aggregate quarries, where the material would be deposited. Foreign matter (boulders, logs, debris) was identified, and debris removal process was undertaken prior to removal from site. Soils were tested at the beneficial use sites and compared against the same quality guidelines to ensure pre-existing compliance with regulations.

Following quality confirmation at the removal and receiving sites, SYLVIS communicated with regulatory agencies and the City of Prince George to choose the most appropriate permitting requirements for this project. A letter was authored by SYLVIS to act as a record of the movement of the logyard piles from the Lakeland Mills site to the selected local quarries. This project was completed under a short timeline due to ongoing construction activities, and the new mill is now in full operation.

SYLVIS provided Lakeland Mills with a clear process and pathway to ensure beneficial use was enabled for their excess soil and residuals through due diligence, analytical methods, and regulatory knowledge.