Genesee Mine Research Tour

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EPCOR Water Services Inc.

In evaluating new opportunities for beneficial use of Edmonton Region biosolids, SYLVIS implemented an operation-scale demonstration project at the Genesee Coal Mine, owned by Capital Power Corporation.  The objective of the project was to demonstrate the ability to use biosolids as a temporary topsoil substitute on areas of the mine where agricultural crops have been seeded in subsoil.  As biosolids use at the mine was new, project development included extensive stakeholder consultation with residents, mine staff, the mine’s Community Advisory Task Group (CATG), and government agencies having jurisdiction over the site, including Leduc County and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.  Following a successful consultation phase, the project was initiated and evaluated over the course of two growing seasons.

Ongoing stakeholder consultation was critical to the success of the project.  The mine holds an annual research tour that provides an opportunity for stakeholders to see and ask questions about the various research projects being undertaken at the mine.  SYLVIS has attended the research tours to discuss the objectives and results of the biosolids demonstration program.  The research tour is attended by nearby residents, local and regional government officials, mine staff family members, and members of special interest groups such as the CATG. 

Successful biosolids management is achieved with the support of stakeholders.  The research tour has provided an opportunity to promote and educate stakeholders on the benefits of biosolids use at the mine.  Feedback from stakeholders at the research tour has indicated a growing interest and support for biosolids use to support reclamation and agricultural activities at the mine.