Feed Crop Biosolids Fertilization at Pinnacle Farm

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Pinnacle View Limousin

In 2014 SYLVIS participated in a pilot project with Pinnacle View Limousin (Pinnacle Farm), a farm focused on its Purebred Limousin breeding herd. During this trial SYLVIS was hired to provide Qualified Professional services to Pinnacle Farm for the management of locally produced wood ash to their fields. Wood ash is a great soil amendment that provides valuable nutrients and soil liming properties. This opportunity could not continue due to a lack of local wood ash but the landowner remained very interested in using by-products to improve his soils. In 2020 SYLVIS sourced biosolids that could be delivered to Pinnacle Farm, and the fertilization program resumed.

In the spring of 2020 SYLVIS coordinated the delivery of biosolids to two fields at the farm to be seeded with oats and barley, with both crops to be harvested as feed grains. Fertilization was calculated to provide these crops with 115 lbs of nitrogen per acre, effectively removing the need for chemical fertilizer purchases that year. Biosolids were incorporated into the soil surface immediately after application and the field planted within a few days. Visual observation during the growing season indicated improved health and growth of the crops when compared to other fields that did not receive biosolids. Following this success, the landowner wanted to continue with fall fertilization of a hayfield to be planted with canola the following year. SYLVIS sourced additional biosolids and the field was fertilized shortly after.

This project has demonstrated the success of relatively small sized biosolids projects for farms that own manure spreading equipment. SYLVIS provided biosolids management, deliveries, and qualified professional services to ensure compliance with the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation, and the landowner was able to land-apply the biosolids as part of typical practices at the farm. Biosolids are provided for free to the landowner who receives the benefits of a complete fertilizer suited to their soil and crop requirements.