Evansdale Farm Biosolids Fertilization

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City of Powell River

SYLVIS manages both the City of Powell River and the Municipality of North Cowichan biosolids.  SYLVIS developed a project at Evansdale Farm in Black Creek on Vancouver Island in which the site was able to receive biosolids from both generators.  Such co-management and cost-sharing benefits both clients and is an advantage for smaller biosolids generator.

At Evansdale Farm, biosolids were utilized in an agricultural setting to fertilize hayfields which had not received manure applications due to their remoteness. Soils at the land application site are low in organic matter and have low to moderate levels of other plant nutrients. The fertilization objectives of this project included increasing the amount of soil organic matter and providing plant macro and micronutrients.

SYLVIS was able to integrate biosolids fertilization into the farmer’s existing fertilization plans in order to improve soil quality and fertilize grasses that otherwise would have not been fertilized.