Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

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Ecowaste Industries Limited

Erosion and sedimentation are naturally occurring processes that involve particle detachment, transportation and deposition of soil particles. As an active construction site and landfill, Ecowaste Industries Ltd. (Ecowaste) has many areas where vegetation has been removed and the underlying soils are fully or partially exposed, increasing erosion and sedimentation potential. To prevent the transport and deposition of sediment into surrounding natural areas, Ecowaste contracted SYLVIS to design and implement an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.

SYLVIS’s Erosion and Sediment Control Plan was designed utilizing a multi-barrier approach to minimize the potentially adverse impacts of erosion and sedimentation on the surrounding watercourses, wetlands and woodlands. The plan included two key elements: prevention of erosion during the construction process by minimizing sediment mobilization at the source and trapping any sediment that is mobilized before leaving the site or entering a sensitive natural environment.

Through the utilization of hay bales, coconut coir waddles and filter socks, SYLVIS effectively prevented further erosion on unvegetated areas in the active construction areas and was able to decrease sediment transport and deposition both on, and off site. The erosion control measures which have been placed throughout the site as part of the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan continue to be monitored to ensure ongoing functionality.