Ecowaste Open House and Tour

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Ecowaste Industries Limited

Since 2006, SYLVIS Environmental has been working with Ecowaste Industries Ltd., to develop, implement and operate innovative methods of landfill leachate management that utilize natural biological processes. One of the results of this work is a soil-plant phytoremediation system capable of reducing the levels of key parameters in the leachate to levels significantly below the discharge limits outlined in the landfill’s operational certificate.

Ecowaste has been conducting annual public open houses at the Ecowaste landfill since 2012. The overall goal of the open houses are to increase the public awareness about the work carried out at the site and highlight Ecowaste’s environmental sustainability efforts. These events provide SYLVIS with an opportunity to showcase the soil-plant leachate treatment system to the local community and present information about the potential use of products that are traditionally labeled as “wastes” (such as biosolids, dredge sand and paper and paper residuals) in building biological treatment systems.

SYLVIS educates the public through educational posters, interactive displays, and guiding a tour of the operational leachate treatment initiatives.  Through this opportunity, interested people of all ages are able to learn more about the environmental initiatives being completed at the landfill and to understand how landfills no longer function to only accept waste in a unidirectional way, but are places were residuals can be used to fabricate soil which in turn treats leachate and supports vegetation on the landfill site.

By participating in the Ecowaste open houses, SYLVIS increases the level of knowledge associated with residuals management and facilitates public awareness regarding operational remediation systems that can be developed through the innovative use of residuals.