Dunkley Tree Farm License

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City of Prince George

Dunkley Lumber manages a Tree Farm License (TFL) of approximately 88,000 hectares, located in proximity to the City of Prince George. Forestry operations within the TFL create seasonal forest roads and landings, as well as aggregate pits that are no longer needed and reduce the TFL productivity. In conjunction with Dunkley Lumber, SYLVIS identified several areas within the TFL which were appropriate for reclamation and rehabilitation through the addition of biosolids.

Two spent aggregate pits and three sections of temporary forestry roads were selected for reclamation in the first year. The soils of these areas, which are mainly comprised of sand and small aggregates, lack organic matter and nutrients that are needed to support tree growth. The slow nutrient release properties of biosolids provide a stable growing medium to the coniferous forest stands that were planted the following year. Dewatered biosolids were applied and incorporated to a depth of 0.3 m to a cumulative area of approximately 8 hectares throughout the TFL, located as far as 60 km from the nearest public road. To accomplish a thorough and complete incorporation, SYLVIS developed techniques and customized equipment best suited for these unique sites with inputs from Dunkley Lumber and local contractors.

Road deactivation and aggregate pit rehabilitation on forestry land can successfully be accomplished with biosolids, which provide the ideal amount of organic matter and nutrients needed to bring these lands back into production and ultimately enhance timber supply. SYLVIS has the knowledge and operational capacities to plan and deliver innovative biosolids reclamation projects concurrent with the highest goals in forest management.