Development of Demonstration Projects Using N-Viro Soil

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N-Viro Systems Canada LP

N-Viro Systems LP (N-Viro) constructed a facility near Banff, Alberta to treat organic residuals, including biosolids, in an alkaline stabilized treatment process to produce N-ViroSoil. In developing potential markets for N-ViroSoil, N-Viro expressed an interest in establishing small-scale projects to demonstrate to regulators and potential customers the benefits of using N-ViroSoil as an organic soil amendment.

SYLVIS has extensive experience in establishing organic residuals demonstration projects in Alberta. As such, N-Viro retained SYLVIS to conduct initial project development for demonstration projects in N-Viro’s target markets: mine reclamation and marginal agricultural land improvement. SYLVIS facilitated meetings with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) to introduce the concept of demonstration projects using N-ViroSoil, and to understand the regulatory requirements for establishing demonstration projects. Using data provided by N-ViroSoil from another N-Viro facility, SYLVIS determined land area requirements for the establishment of appropriately sized demonstration projects. SYLVIS also researched and recommended possible sites for establishing demonstration projects. The next steps in project development include detailed site assessments, the development of a project-specific proposal to undertake the demonstrations, and further consultation with ESRD to confirm project designs and research and monitoring requirements to provide adequate regional “proof-of-concept” of N-ViroSoil use in Alberta. 

Through consultation with ESRD, SYLVIS has generated positive regulatory interest in the establishment of N-ViroSoil demonstration projects. SYLVIS also prioritized and recommended potential project partners to host demonstration projects, which may eventually develop into long-term markets for N-ViroSoil.