City of Chilliwack Turn-key Biosolids Management

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City of Chilliwack

Since 2006, SYLVIS has worked with the City of Chilliwack to implement turn-key biosolids management at a variety of sites across British Columbia. The City of Chilliwack turn-key program is designed to provide all aspects of an effective and resilient biosolids management program whereby all regulatory compliance requirements and documentation, stakeholder consultation, project management and operational aspects of the program are provided by SYLVIS.

In consultation with landowners, SYLVIS has developed a diverse program for the City of Chilliwack that involves management opportunities such as land fertilization, aggregate pits reclamation and soil mixing for landfill closure. As a turn-key project SYLVIS implements all aspects related to the City’s biosolids project and their beneficial use. In project initiation, SYLVIS works on the procurement of the beneficial use sites and ensure all regulatory requirements are met for the project to commence. In operations, SYLVIS works with haulers to arrange transport and we operate our own equipment for various activities including biosolids application, soil mixing and soil placement. Owning our own equipment and employing skilled operators provides an added benefit and cost saving to the City. SYLVIS also works with the City in engagement activities providing education and awareness of the biosolids management program to City employees, landowners and interested stakeholders. Each aspect of the project enables the City in achieving its overall objective of finding beneficial end-use for their biosolids.

The City of Chilliwack turn-key project demonstrates SYLVIS’s ability to provide our clients with all aspects of a beneficial biosolids management program. City of Chilliwack biosolids provide a direct benefit to the project sites and their landowner by adding nutrients and organic matter to the soil and helping to meet vegetation yield and soil formation objectives.  SYLVIS looks forward to continuing to provide the City of Chilliwack with a high quality cost-effective turnkey biosolids management program in the coming years.