City of Campbell River Biosolids Management Services

City of Campbell River

The City of Campbell River operates the Norm Wood Environmental Center Wastewater Treatment Plant. This plant treats wastewater from 38,000 residents through a process involving secondary (biological) treatment, clarification, and aerobic digestion.  Approximately 10,000 m3 (10 million litres) of liquid biosolids are managed annually at this plant; this is approximately 350 tonnes of dry biosolids. Following a decade of fertilizing a poplar plantation with biosolids, the City of Campbell River moved to an innovative pivot irrigation system on a parcel of agricultural land adjacent to the plant.

SYLVIS has provided technical and qualified professional support for the City’s biosolids management program since 2015. These activities include preparation and submission of a Land Application Plan, regular site inspections throughout the application season, ongoing coordination with city staff of the daily biosolids applications, sampling of soil and groundwater, and preparation of a compliance report following biosolids applications.

SYLVIS managed the application program in a series of irrigation zones, providing the City with detailed irrigation management information based on vegetation requirements and modelling of precipitation, irrigation, and evapotranspiration.

This project was initiated under tight time constraints; SYLVIS was able to gather relevant site and biosolids data going back to the establishment of the current land application site in order to provide the appropriate context for biosolids land application planning. Based on this information as well as information collected during site assessments and sampling events, SYLVIS produced comprehensive and informative plans and reports and provided qualified professional services.  SYLVIS is currently overseeing the 2018 program.