Biosolids Technical Communication Resource Document

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Metro Vancouver

It is commonly accepted among biosolids managers that communication, stemming from a high level of understanding and acceptance of biosolids as a product, is an important component of successful biosolids programs.  Metro Vancouver recognized the value of a proactive and consistent knowledge base regarding biosolids.  SYLVIS was engaged by Metro Vancouver to develop a biosolids technical communication resource document to provide a technically sound and scientifically referenced approach to responding to biosolids-related questions from both internal and external stakeholders.

In consultation with Metro Vancouver, SYLVIS developed the technical communication document which is a resource of succinct biosolids-related information.  In developing the document, SYLVIS led a workshop with Metro Vancouver to identify the potential issues, concerns and questions commonly posed by biosolids stakeholders.  Using the information gathered during the workshop, SYLVIS prioritized a series of questions which were answered in the resource document. 

Building on the objective and scientifically referenced information in the question and answer section, SYLVIS interviewed biosolids generators and practitioners to determine what impact biosolids communication has on ongoing biosolids management practices.  This section of the resource document gathered the wisdom of similarly sized biosolids generators to inform Metro Vancouver’s approach to biosolids technical communication. 

SYLVIS developed a biosolids technical communication resource document providing Metro Vancouver with a single resource that serves as a reference to Metro Vancouver staff, serving as a resource for addressing biosolids questions and a mechanism of knowledge dissemination.