Biosolids Soil Fabrication and Landfill Leachate Irrigation

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Ecowaste Industries Limited

Ecowaste Industries Limited (Ecowaste) operates a construction demolition waste landfill in Richmond, British Columbia. Ecowaste retained SYLVIS to develop and implement cost-effective management of landfill leachate in conjunction with landfill closure operations and leachate management. A biosolids-based fabricated soil was designed for landfill cover, tree growth and leachate treatment. Poplar trees planted in the soil are irrigated with leachate which is treated as it passes through the plant-soil system.

A key component of this treatment system is the soil. The soil placed on the landfill is fabricated from biosolids and other organic residuals. SYLVIS fabricated the soil, established and maintains the poplar plantation, installed and operates the leachate irrigation system and assesses the system performance through environmental monitoring.

Biosolids soil was been applied at depths of 0.5-1.0 meters (20-40 inches) to a 3.3 hectare (8.2 acre) pilot plantation growing over 1,600 poplar trees. Recommendations based on this pilot were used to optimize fabricated soil formulations, tree growth and the use and treatment of leachate in progressive closure operations.

SYLVIS provided turn-key consulting and contractor operations including design, management, soil fabrication, plantation establishment, silviculture and performance monitoring.