Biosolids Management Feasibility and Market Assessment

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Capital Regional District

The Capital Regional District (CRD) on Vancouver Island provides wastewater treatment to a population equivalent of approximately 330,000 residents within the Core Area and West Shore communities.  In July 2006, the BC Ministry of Environment requested the CRD amend their liquid waste management plan to include a detailed schedule for the implementation of advanced wastewater treatment.  Once implemented, the increased level of wastewater treatment will result in greater production of biosolids to be managed. 

SYLVIS worked with Associated Engineering’s project team during the conceptual planning stage, providing experience and expertise in completing a biosolids management feasibility and market assessment.

As an initial step in investigating the feasibility of biosolids land application, SYLVIS completed a desk-top inventory of potential land application sites for biosolids produced by the CRD.  In completing the feasibility assessment, SYLVIS compiled a literature and information review including relevant websites, provincial mapping information, licenses, and available reports.

Feasibility and market assessments are a vital component in development of a biosolids management program, providing an indication that the opportunities and markets exist for long-term biosolids management.  The feasibility and market assessment conducted by SYLVIS resulted in an estimation of the opportunities and the quantity of biosolids which could be managed through agriculture, forestry, mine reclamation, landfills and development of soil products.

SYLVIS determined that there is sufficient land in Southern Vancouver Island to facilitate the beneficial management of biosolids over the long-term.  The practical feasibility of the potential markets depends on public perception and an understanding of the value of biosolids.  Working with our clients, SYLVIS provides education and awareness services to promote the conversion from potential to reality.