Assessment of Options for Biosolids

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BC Ferries

The British Columbia (BC) Ministry of Environment instituted regulatory changes to the Municipal Sewage Regulations that recently required BC Ferries to install a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) at the Langdale ferry terminal.  This plant treats sewage from the Langdale terminal operations as well as from the ferries which serve the terminal.  The Langdale WWTP is a membrane bioreactor (MBR) facility which produces Class B biosolids and has been operational since 2011.  In BC, the beneficial use of biosolids is regulated under the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR); as a generator of these materials BC Ferries retained SYLVIS to undertake an assessment of biosolids management options for BC Ferries biosolids.

SYLVIS was contracted by BC Ferries to complete a Biosolids Management Strategy Review in order to gain a better understanding of readily achievable management options available to BC Ferries for biosolids management.  This review summarized the biosolids production process at the Langdale Terminal, the quality and quantity of the biosolids produced, common management practices used in BC, and regulatory considerations specific to biosolids produced by BC Ferries.  The review recommended specific management options with potential for immediate development, with consideration to the logistics, feasibility and specific biosolids quality and quantity considerations attached to each. These options were developed with information provided by BC Ferries and through SYLVIS’s internal residuals management experience.

SYLVIS assessed four management options with high likelihood for development:  agriculture, silviculture, land reclamation and development of value added products. SYLVIS recommended land reclamation for BC Ferries biosolids management as this option had the greatest potential for short- and long-term development and is a sustainable use of BC Ferries biosolids.  BC Ferries elected to pursue this option and now participates in the award winning biosolids reclamation program at the Lehigh Materials Sechelt mine.