Aldergrove Lake Pit to Park Restoration

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Metro Vancouver

Working with Metro Vancouver (then the Greater Vancouver Regional District) SYLVIS managed the metamorphosis of a gravel mine to a regional park.  The site encompasses 12 ha and is located approximately 70 km east of Vancouver.

Project considerations included the proximity to population centers and a sensitive aquifer, the inability of the substrate to sustain vegetation and the desire for beneficial use of local residuals.  To address these considerations SYLVIS and Metro Vancouver elected to use biosolids and biosolids compost which provided a slow-release source of plant macro nutrients and served to increase the organic matter content of the soil.

To facilitate the “Pit to Park” transformation, SYLVIS participated in  stakeholder consultation activities, obtained regulatory authorizations and completed extensive environmental monitoring.

Prior to operational reclamation, SYLVIS conducted research to demonstrate that biosolids applications would not negatively effect the underlying aquifer.  Concurrently, the research evaluated several residuals blends leading to the selection of a blend for operational use.

SYLVIS also managed the delivery and application of the biosolids and biosolids compost to the re-contoured mine and provided support in the establishment of grasses and planting of trees and shrubs.

The project resulted in the creation of a park which is aesthetically pleasing, provides wildlife habitat and offers recreational opportunities including a canoeing lake, wetlands area, several islands, a concert bowl and a perimeter horseback riding trail.