Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission Biosolids Demonstration Site

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City of Edmonton and EPCOR Water Services Incorporated

The City of Edmonton (City) sought a more diverse biosolids management program to meet annual biosolids production and address the biosolids which had accumulated in the storage lagoons.  SYLVIS was engaged by the City and its biosolids partner to investigate, develop and implement new beneficial use options to meet the City’s objectives.  Mine reclamation, marginal agricultural land improvement, and biomass production were selected for operational-scale demontration.

The Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC) operates one of two wastewater treatment plants in the Edmonton region and also owns the adjacent land.  SYLVIS approached the ACRWC to participate in a biosolids demonstration project utilizing the adjacent lands in a marginal land improvement trial encompassing approximately 30 hectares.  Biosolids were stockpiled onsite inside constructed berms for containment.  The site was delineated prior to applications according to a replicated design approved by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD).  Stockpiled biosolids were applied and incorporated to approximately 18 hectares of ACRWC land, following by planting with barley and poplars.  Environmental monitoring for two years after applications indicated no discernible change in water quality.  The barley yield increased greater than 50% for areas applied with biosolids.  The treatment areas planted with poplars did not demonstrate any discernible difference due to the comparatively low planting density and persistent competition from weeds.

Monitoring from this site indicates that use of biosolids is beneficial and environmentally protective.  With the success of the ACRWC demonstration, SYLVIS continues to assist the City in meeting their biosolids management goals.