2016 OMRR Intentions Paper Response

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Mulitple Clients

In April 2016, the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy announced a review of the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR). An intentions paper outlining proposed changes to the regulation was released October 3, 2016 for comments and feedback from all interested parties to be provided by December 2, 2016.

Based on SYLVIS’s experience and knowledge of the regulatory environment in BC (SYLVIS was involved in the development of both the OMRR and the BC Code of Practice for Soil Amendments), SYLVIS was well positioned to provide technical guidance and support to clients who wished to comment on the Intentions Paper. Based on each client’s situation as well as their current and future needs, SYLVIS crafted customized responses that outlined priorities and possible consequences of the proposed changes to each client’s wastewater residuals management program.

Following review of submitted responses, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy indicated that it would release a follow-up Intentions Paper which is anticipated to be released in early 2018.