Our Vision

Sustainability is dependent on the innovative management of our waste.

The magnitude of our resourcefulness in beneficially managing the residuals we produce is directly proportional to our long-term sustainability and impact on the environment.

We believe that residuals can have inherent benefits and should be managed as resources. 

As a resource, all of our residuals management work is focused on highest and best use opportunities. These beneficial management opportunities draw upon the properties of the residuals used alone or in combination with other materials.

Many of the best residuals management opportunities occur when residuals are used to solve environmental challenges. For example:

  • Soil fabricated with residuals is used to treat landfill leachate
  • Pulp and paper mill residuals are used to close and reclaim a landfill
  • Biosolids are used to improve the fertility of marginal agricultural land
  • Ash is applied to forest stands to provide deficient nutrients
  • Water treatment residuals are used to mitigate excess phosphorus build up in soils
  • Biosolids are used to provide nutrients and organic matter necessary for soil development on degraded sites

Please visit Our Work to learn more about how SYLVIS uses residuals to provide proven, cost-effective solutions to environmental and residuals management challenges.