Rishikesh Mankidy

Rishikesh Mankidy, PhD, MBA
Rishikesh Mankidy
Program Manager

We are pleased to introduce Rishikesh Mankidy, PhD, MBA.

Rishi is a biologist with training in environmental toxicology and human health risk assessment. Prior to joining SYLVIS he held concurrent positions at the University of Saskatchewan and Cardno-ENTRIX. As an environmental toxicologist at the University of Saskatchewan, Rishi worked on developing analytical tools for the detection of Environmental Substances of Concern (ESOCs) in environmental and biological matrices, and published research papers on the mechanism(s) of toxic action of ESOCs. As a scientific expert, Rishi played a role in liability management for Cardno-ENTRIX’s corporate clients.

Rishi’s technical background is complemented with an MBA in Global Energy Management & Sustainability from the University of Calgary, and he brings a combination of technical and business skills to SYLVIS. As a program manager, Rishi’s role involves identifying synergies across projects and streamlining business processes for operational excellence at SYLVIS in addition to providing support to the technical teams. Rishi is passionate about sustainability and is keen on implementing innovative solutions that reduce society’s environmental footprint. He has worked on a business venture to reduce the ecological footprint of the aquaculture industry and has investigated opportunities of repurposing organic wet waste from the food industry into products of commercial value.