Mike Van Ham

Mike Van Ham, PAg, RPF Ret., RPBio Ret.
Mike Van Ham

We are pleased to introduce you to Mike Van Ham, PAg, RPF Ret., RPBio Ret.

Mike is a Professional Agrologist, a Registered Professional Biologist, and a Registered Professional Forester. He studied forestry and soil science at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Since founding SYLVIS 30 years ago, Mike has been involved in all aspects of residuals management - from research and policy development to operational implementation and senior technical review. He has participated in residuals and solid waste management activities throughout the world including Australia, the People's Republic of China, the Maldives and the United States. 

Mike is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Lieutenant Governors’ Award for Environmental Excellence for innovative research and implementation of a regional residuals management program involving numerous residuals generated from municipalities and industry in a synergistic program accepted and supported by stakeholders. His strong will and passion for the beneficial use of residuals is rewarded when management programs solve environmental challenges.

When Mike is not working with residuals he can most often be found in his “fish room” where over 3,000L of water, in a multitude of aquariums, supports distinct aquatic ecosystems from around the world.